In Case Of Verizon Throttling The Speed For Firefighters, California State Assembly Will Do The Hearing

In the Mendocino Complex Fire, the Santa Clara Firefighters were deployed to the two complexes, during that course of action Firefighters were experiencing the difficulties in communicating to the other firefighters as the speed of the connection were reduced to the 1/200 that of the previous speed by the Verizon. However, the official from the firefighting team requested to Verizon to turn off the throttling as it was creating a lag in the responses from the other members. Instead of helping the firefighters, officials from the Verizon said they should pay the bills on time and take a better plan during the course of firefighting.

The official of the Santa Clara Fire Department wrote to the District Court saying that they had faced difficulties during the course of action and had drastically reduced our ability to provide emergency services and respond quickly to the same. On this, a California State Assembly is meeting to carry out the investigation and gather the relevant information and testimony of the Verizon on throttling the speed for the Santa Clara Fire Department during the emergency course of time.

The Assembly co-chair of the committee Marc Levine said in a statement that the committee wanted to know why the speed was throttled, why the problem continued at the very first sight and why it was not resolved quickly. Also said that it was not a fire drill it was a scenario of a real-life threatening situation of the firefighters as well as the victims to the major fire caused at the Mendocino Complex. And suggested to the Telecommunications company that they should know who first responders are and should not challenge to the first responders who may get impede from doing their jobs. The committee would also see whether the state of California could have intervened to help the issue of throttling towards the firefighters.

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