The Coral Reef Region Of 85 Miles Is Still Hidden Beneath The Ocean

A submersible machine referred to as Alvin, launched by the Atlantis, a research vehicle, gets a sample of Lopheliapertusa from a place where there are both living and dead coral.

It’s been a thousand or even hundreds of thousands of years, a very long coral reef has been formed on the Atlantic Oceans’ Seafloor, a region close the Southeast part of the United stated and the existence of the region was well-hide till the time a deep-sea research has brought up the age-old ecosystem in the limelight.

The researchers who are on RV (research vessel) Atlantis found the reef last week, which is stretched around 160 miles on the sea coast of Charleston in South Carolina, as reported by the HuffPost. The camera attached on the submersible machine launched with Atlantis, that is the HOV (human-operated vehicle) named Alvin, snapped an unimaginable sight of intense, cold-water coral reef seeding on the seabed around 0.5 miles beneath the surface of the ocean.

Researchers have been used Alvin to search for the reef and gather the sample of the coral between August 23 — 24 diving, as per the HuffPost. The scientist found a huge amount of coral reef referred as Lopheliapertusa, a type of coral that needs cold-waters and the one which earlier found developing in the record depth on the seabed of Gulf of Mexico.

The Atlantic was on its 15th day of the tour on August 19, as a part of its 4.5-year collaborative venture referred to as the Deep Sea Exploration and Research of Canyon/Coral/Cold seep Habitats, as per the mission website.

Till September 2nd, the team of the researcher will continuously search for the deep-sea habitats around the South Eastern U.S Coastal region. The team will gather the crucial information on the distribution of the wildlife and ecosystem of the sea bottom.

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