Legionnaires: A Disease Caused By Contaminated Water Droplets Found In Hampton


Legionnaire disease has been causing quite havoc in New Hampshire’s Hampton, and a fifth case of the outbreak was reported on Monday. The news was confirmed by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, which had on Saturday reported four victims of this disease caused by them acquiring Legionella, a potentially deadly bacterial pneumonia, between July-end and start of August. All the cases are from the same area. Common sources for this disease include aerosol droplet inhalation from showers, hot tubs, cooling towers, faucets, as well as decorative fountains.

A cautionary warning has been issued to the people most at risk of contracting the disease to stay away from this area. High risk population includes people over 50 years of age, former and current smokers, people with chronic lung diseases, weak immune systems, as well as other underlying illnesses. The symptoms are similar to general pneumonia, which includes cough, fever, headaches, muscle ache, and shortness of breath. The symptoms show 2 to 10 days after the bacteria exposure. People are advised to observe the exposure for 2 weeks before taking other steps. The disease is not contracted through swimming or drinking water.

Another disease which has made its presence felt for quite some time in the US is the one caused due to West Nile virus, which has resulted in around a dozen communities in Boston-area being listed as high-risk, after a fourth-case of the virus was discovered. All the four cases involve women above 50 years of age, with two of them being exposed in the Greater Boston area. Symptoms of the virus include fever and some other flu-like illness; however, most of the cases develop no symptoms. There were six reported cases of the virus in Massachusetts last year.

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