Apple Removes Illegal Gambling Apps In China, Reacting To State Media Reports


Apple has committed itself to removing all traces of illegal gambling applications from its store, which had even resulted in it taking down a few apps which did not have anything to do with gambling at all. However, now the Chinese state media has hounded Apple, asking it to remove illegal applications pertaining to gambling that Apple had till recently failed to oblige; however, according to reports, Apple has now taken down thousands of such illegal gambling applications, which were present on Apple’s app store in the Chinese region.

The company was constantly in the crosshairs of the Chinese state media since this July, which had criticized Apple for its failure to get rid of banned or illegal content on the app store. Apple put out a statement to several outlets where it stated that it had been very vigilant in removing such applications from the store. The statement read that gambling apps are illegal in China, and thus not allowed on the regional app store. The statement added that it had successfully removed such apps or developers that were trying to distribute such illegal applications through their store. According to the Chinese broadcaster CCTV, there had been a removal of around 25,000 such applications, out of which some were disguised as state lottery apps. China being the second biggest revenue source for Apple’s products and services, it makes sense that they have to toe the line of the State, which can be explained by the fact that last year, they had banned apps concerning Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in China.

Meanwhile, Apple is investigating the incident at the Amsterdam Apple outlet, where a battery explosion in an iPad led to evacuation of the store. A spokesperson from the local fire service stated that the explosion was caused due to a “leaking battery pack”. An Apple spokeswoman said that they were investigating the incident and that the store was safely evacuated and re-opened shortly afterwards. The incident, which took place on Sunday, did not report any major injuries, although three employees had to be treated due to difficulties in breathing.

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