Canadian Newsprints Need Not Pay Any More Tariffs To The U.S.

On Wednesday, the International Trade Commission of the United States denied a decision made by the Trump administration to impose a tariff on Canadian newsprint and stated that the American newsprint market and the makers are not facing any difficulty due to the newsprint imports.

The decision was a unanimously made by the community of 5 members to take out the tariff that was imposed since January, this is exactly a win for medium and small-size newspaper agencies, which are facing issues to take care of the tariffs, thus need to make cuts, which included the layoffs as well.

The Commerce Department of the United States imposed a tariff of around 20% on the Canadian newsprints following the complaint filed by North Pacific Paper Company, based out in Washington State.

The complaint is focusing on the subsidies provided by the Canadian government to its Newsprint Manufacturers that is considered as a disadvantage for the American paper companies.

The commission, an agency of American Government that reviews and takes care of the cases involving unfair trade practices, states that it is found that there has been no material injury or threat to the US industry due to imports of Canadian newsprint material.

As per the statement, the detailed report about the findings by the commission will be published by October 8.

The decision will permit the Canadian newsprint material providers from stop paying any more tariffs that had already led to a huge damage in the small and medium-size newspapers agency.

Andrew Johnson, President, National Newspaper Association, an association of around2.3K community newspapers, appreciated the decision and stated he was thankful that the officials made a right decision.

However, the industry has already faced a lot of damage, but this day is really great for the newspapers. The officials sent a loud message with rightful justice.

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