A Fake Warren Buffett Twitter Account Is In Trend After Providing A Life Advice

A fake twitter handle from the Warren Buffett which does not even spell the name of him correctly is being in the trends for quite a sometime because of his little life lessons coming from him. It is interesting to know that people still follow this fake twitter handle because the person who is involved in tweeting the tweets from this handle provide similar kinds of tweets but on a daily basis. Some people without knowing the actual Warren Buffett account says that he is so millennial that he uses his tweets in all lower caps, make use of internet slangs, made some punctuation error here and there.

People don’t think that it is not strange that Warren Buffett who is the third richest person in the United States, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has the time to tweet on the daily basis and that to with such an unprofessional manner of writing which any person knowing the stature of Warren Buffett’s would know that he won’t do such a mistake of writing. People who know Warren Buffett know that he is a person of simplicity in life, and how can he misspell his own name.

The real Warren Buffett’s account handle is @WarrenBuffett, which is a verified account by Twitter and has a follower of 1.43 million users and the fake one is @warrenbuffet99, which is tracking its gain in terms of users has up till now a quarter of a million users to its account. However, it is still amazing to know that Twitter has not taken any action against the fake twitter handle, may be because the owner of that handle has not complained to the twitter of using his twitter handle as an imposter because he is a very busy man. It is interesting to know that people are getting lured by the fake twitter handle.

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