A Ghost Black Hole From Another Universe Discovered By Scientists

It is known by almost everyone that we can actually observe some of the things in the space that do not even exist anymore and that happens because of the speed of the light, as some of these objects are many light years away. When we look at some of the distant galaxies, we are in fact observing how they looked like many years ago, for example if some galaxy is thousand light years away from the Earth, what we will be watching was there thousand years ago from now, and that may have changed after that but we would never know by observing from here.

Recently, the researchers have found a way to advance the search for some of the black holes that have ceased to exist in the past, and this can be achieved by using a similar aforementioned technique. But the black holes that do not exist anymore are not just at a large distance from the planet earth, rather they are from a different universe altogether, which is indeed incredible.

A research team which includes some scientists from different universities such as the University of Warsaw, Oxford University, and the New York Maritime College have found an evidence which point towards the fact that some of the leftovers of the black holes which they have observed are actually from a universe which was there before this universe in which we are living right now. But unlike the stars and other planets in the universe which send the visible light, these black holes leave behind the cosmic microwave background radiation, also known as CMB.

Even after the previous universe has been destroyed and a new universe is formed, these background radiations stay there and the points where the researchers believe that these radiations exist are called as Hawking Points which are named after Stephen Hawking, the man who needs no introduction.

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