An Emotional Farewell For Aretha Franklin

Bidding goodbye to your loved ones is never an easy task. The activity becomes painful and unbearable when the person on the other side is the legend, Aretha Franklin.

She was suffering from pancreatic cancer for several years but gave up to the disease earlier this month and left for the heavenly abode. Her funeral was held in Detroit, where everyone bid adieu to her with damp eyes.

The association of the musicians, fans, family, and friends celebrated her contribution to the world while mourned her untimely departure from the earth through a 7-hour long program. In fact, the crowd also danced to praise the legend and her works throughout her 76-year-old life.

A gold-plated coffin, 100 pink Cadillacs, eulogies by a dozen preachers, and 3 presidential tributes were included in her ultimate send-off. She has outperformed in various genres and has gained the respect and love of millions of people across the world. In fact, people called her Queen of Soul and she proved to be the best grandmother, aunt, civil right activist, friend, and an exemplary icon for black women. She broke the taboo surrounding the black women and people started to notice the talent in the women, who were ignored and suppressed for a long time.

Stevie Wonder stated that the reason for attending the funeral of the great black lady was to decipher the amount of love she had gained in her lifetime. Also, he promised to love her until the end of time. Clive Davis proudly stated that she will continue to influence the people in the days to come in an unblemished way, which will keep her alive within everyone.

November 2017 marked her final performance when she announced her retirement. Robinson mentioned in his speech that the world is not only mourning but also celebrating a great soul like Aretha Franklin, who will be missed by everyone who has been associated with her works.

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