WHO Warns Over Global Inactivity Levels

The changing trend of a stationery life style in first world nations is said to be the cause of people getting lazy and inert. Authorities have alerted that this situation is grave. They also expressed concern over the fact that not sufficient enough measures have been taken to control or reduce the inactiveness among people. According to a report by the WHO, the fact came into notice that around 1.4 billion people from all over the world belong to this category of leading a sedentary life. They are not going for any physical training or exercise. The present data remains stagnant since the year 2001.

This lifestyle can be a cause of a multitude of health risks like some types of cancer, diabetes and heart problems. UK is one of the first world countries which have more inactive citizens. In addition to this, it has also been found out that females happen to lead the inactive lifestyles around the globe. Only the two areas of Asia are found to be an exception in this case. WHO experts said that they had conducted surveys on 1.9 million residents around the world belonging to 168 countries. It was revealed in the reports that the ratio of inactivity in wealthier countries like USA and UK escalated to 37% in 2016 from 32% in the year 2001. The ratio was found to be constant at 16% in countries with low income citizens.

The criteria for this study were based on the number of minutes these people were spending on any kind of physical exercise in a week. Some of the nations leading the results are New Zealand, US and Germany. Females except in South East Asia and East Asia are less active than males worldwide. Officials are of the opinion that this lethargic trend in richer nations could be because of their choice of work or areas of interest.

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