Many Shady Applications And Banking Trojans Are Increasing On The Google Play

Google has been trying since quite some time now to protect its Android official marketplace, but despite all the efforts that are being put in by the company, it seems that these are not enough. The cybercriminals seem to have an upper hand here and they are still able to sneak in a couple of banking Trojans, or a few more, as per the security researchers. Recently, security researchers from a few of the security companies that are based in Europe have just disclosed on social media websites that they have found some banking Trojans in Google Play.

Lukas Stenfanko of the ESET antivirus vendor has recently found nearly three of such malicious applications which are actually posing as astrology software applications which offer services like horoscopes among others. But the truth is far from what is visible. These applications do nothing related to the astrology but rather act as thieves for the SMS along with the call logs, which send the messages in the name of the victims and these also download and install applications without the approval of the users, and in addition to all this, these can also steal the bank credentials.

Before the man, Lukas Stenfanko, disclosed these findings on the social media site, these entries were reported to Google, who booted these from the Play Store, but before these applications were removed, one of the three applications were downloaded more than nearly 1,000 times and as many as 500 users had downloaded the other two apps from the company’s store to their devices.

One of these apps is named Herobot was downloaded by Stenfanko after all this, and after downloading it displayed the warning that the app is incompatible and was later removed. But the malware did not go with the app, and stayed in the background even after the uninstallation thus posing threats, which is a warning for all the users.

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