French Satellite System Argos to Expand its Animal Monitoring System


The satellite system from France called ARGOS which is being used to trail animals throughout the world is all set for a huge makeover and extension. Its operations are supposedly taken over by a new firm called Kineis. This firm will commence with launching 20 satellites to look out for all types of objects. The market is getting bigger and bigger for technologies which specialize in managing connected devices. The new company is going to be the first of its kind in the satellite group in Europe which will solely work towards this Internet Things.


This commercialized venture will follow beams or terminal which will be attached to different types of objects, starting from automobiles to shipments to faraway unattended devices and also animals. The Internet of Things technology helps the users by keeping vigilance on the position of their properties so that their movement can be managed in a better way like in a supply based enterprise.


At present ARGOS has 20000 terminals across the world and they are planning to increase this number in manifolds in the coming decade. To accomplish this giant task, they have taken the decision to expand and diversify their range and area of applications. This information was given by Alexandre Tisserant, a project leader from ARGOS to the media.


Kineis will be looking after manufacturing the large number of transmitters which will be required for this planned expansion. These small transmitters will help to encode messages from the satellite system. In another development, a new type of chipset connected to computer is also being made to use in the extra terminals. The latest technology will ascertain a two way connection so that the settings on faraway machinery can be changed with the help of the beacon. Kineis is the brain child of CLS from Toulouse which is also involved in operations of ARGOS since the year 1986.



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