Tencent Closes Poker Platform Amid Amplifying Gaming Clampdown

A famous Texas Hold’Em poker video game will be shut by Tencent Holdings, as announced by the firm, in a further step to conform to increasing government inspection hitting the gaming industry of the nation.

Tencent stated it would officially start to close “Everyday Texas Hold’Em” from Monday and then would close the server of the game from September 25. The company would reimburse users in reference to rules of Ministry of Culture.

The Chinese tech giant, who pulls an enormous sum of its revenue from gaming, is confronting increasing challenges from government censorship and stringent regulation this year. It has had to shut one blockbuster game and observed others criticized.

The market value of the company dropped by about $20 Billion (approximately Rs 1.4 lakh crores) in a single day in the previous month over distresses that China would restrict gaming after a clampdown on online games citing increasing myopia levels.

A Tencent spokesperson, who wished not to be mentioned, stated the plan of the game shutdown was a “business adjustment.” The Shenzhen-based company registered its first quarterly profit drop in almost 13 Years in August, mentioning problems regarding getting famous games accepted. Established in 1998, the key business of the firm is video games, however, it also runs WeChat, a dominant social network of China, with over 1 Billion users.

An individual in the gaming division of Tencent stated it wasn’t a shock that chess and card games were becoming victim firstly as they were more strongly linked to gambling, which is illegitimate in mainland China.

Texas Hold’Em is among of the most famous forms of poker, wherein manifold players employ mind games, trick, and guess the behavior of their opponents to win wealth in the pot. In the previous year, the company had to modify PlayerUnknown’s Battleground—a violent, battle royale-style game—as it “rigorously diverged from socialist core values”.

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