Chrome 69 Cuts Off “www” And “m” Subdomains From The URL

Google scheduled to release a new design for Chrome Browser on September 4, 2018, and finally released it with the name of Chrome 69, the successor of Chrome 68, on September 6, 2018. The update includes a whiter and more rounded appearance, removal of “www” and “m” subdomains from the URL of Chrome’s address bar, and shifted the navigation controls at the bottom line of the mobile screen for single hand accession. Chrome 69 also released touchpad gestures navigation for Windows 10. Some of the Chrome 69 features can be enabled in Chrome 68 update.

According to Chromium developer, subdomains “www” for the desktop version and “m” for mobile version has been classified as “trivial” subdomains by Google. The company feels that most of the people have a concern with the CDN name of the website, but not with the subdomains of the URL.

Some websites have different subdomains, but with same CDN (Content Distribution Network) name. An example can be (;; and Without using any subdomain, it is quite difficult for users to open a specific website and may lead to open irrelevant websites. Later, at the time of editing the URL, subdomains reappear and can be edited to open a correct website.

There may be chances of fraudulence due to the invisibility of the subdomain. It would be difficult for users to differentiate between the original and fake websites, so the users may provide some confidential information or details to the fake website.

Chrome 69 has given the option that reverts back the search bar settings to the normal and shows the complete URL including the subdomains in the search bar. This revert back option provides some relief to people.

Hopefully, Google may reverse the subdomain update in the upcoming Chrome 70 update.

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