MP Naz Shah Campaigns Against The NIPT Test: The New Social Evil in town

Currently, the use of The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) for the genetic condition determination is being misused for discovering the baby’s gender so as to carry out the criminal act. The morality of the people is being questioned for abortions carried after the test outcome by the highest authorities.

Labor party MP (Member of Parliament) Naz Shah plans to boycott the gender inequality that is still prevalent in many parts of the world by enforcing a ban on the gender determination tests. The preference of boy by a number of communities has been reviewed as evidence by the Victoria Derbyshire program. Thus, the government is the planning to take stringent action against those forcing mom-to-be to use the NIPT test for gender revelation purpose. Instead of the use of the fetal blood test for Down’s syndrome or other genetic condition detection, it is being used for the hardhearted female feticides. Only £150–200 and some intimidation by the family members help exploit the heedful practice.

This kind of honor killing is currently being by the government overall the world so as to put a ban on the sex-selection abortion. Is abortion based on gender justified? The voices scream out in large numbers “Yes” whereas very minor sections still stick to “No”. Thus, the private clinics only source of profit is currently under the scrutiny of the government. Most importantly, the novel pinprick test is also being feared for its role in the female feticide. The Brazilian researcher’s invention is under great threat owing to its misuse in the male chauvinist countries. The tradition is still prevalent in many parts of the globe owing to the hand-in-hand nature of the patriarchal family as well as the unethical doctors. In short, the eradication of the gender determination crime is what Mrs. Shah along with other activists is looking forward to.

Sam Robertson

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