EU Commissioner Proclaims Facebook and Twitter Must Fulfill EU Consumer Rules

The European Union (EU) proclaimed that Facebook and Twitter will face sanctions issues if they do not comply with the European consumer rules by the end of this year. Currently, online platforms are facing issues in Europe due to their domination and anti-competitive industry practices. This has resulted in the heavy penalties for some firms. The EU proclaimed that Facebook and Twitter were informed about 7 Months ago about taking their user terms in line with the EU rules. However, both the social media platforms have not addressed all these issues until now.

Vera Jourova, European Justice Commissioner, proclaimed that Airbnb completed all the essential amendments after the firm was informed about the same almost 3 Months ago. She added that Facebook and Twitter will have to face the sanctions if they do not show any progress.s Further, she stated that the agency will not negotiate now and it needs to see the results.

On a similar note, earlier, Facebook announced that it is launching its novel service called Facebook Dating. The firm announced 4 Months ago that it is adding the dating features to its social network site. Facebook confirmed that it has started trials of its novel dating product in Colombia. Apparently, Facebook Dating strongly reminds of Hinge, which is Facebook’s competitor dating app. Both the services come from the model made famous by Tinder.

The unique feature of the latest Facebook Dating service is that its integration with Groups and Events. This feature draws on further aspects of the social media platform for the expansion of the dating pool. It encourages users to meet up in public. Nathan Sharp, Product Manager, Facebook, stated that dating is an activity seen on Facebook from long ago. He added that the firm wants to make it simpler and more comfortable for individuals to connect with the help of the social media platform.

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