Research Indicates The Tikal Kingdom Was Squeezed By Mayan Altar

An altar carved from the stone was found at the La Corona of Guatemala site, near the Mexican border. The team of Marcello Canuto from the University of Tulane discovered the altar that revealed the secrets of the past. It suggests that the dynasty of the Snake Kings of Mayan culture behaved like its namesake. As per the archeologists, it gradually squeezed the kingdom of Tikkal that was its rival.

The altar was showcased in a museum of Guatemala City after a year of hard work. In 2017, the presence of the altar was established in the root of a tree, which was in a collapsed temple. After the unmatched endeavor of the researchers, the huge stone slab was removed from the site and displayed in the museum.

The altar has a great importance as the researchers believe this to be one of the oldest monuments of the date. The estimated date of the altar is A.D. 544 and represents Chak Took Ich’aak, the Tikal ruler, conjuring the local gods emerging from a shaft in the form of a double-headed snake.

20 years later, the same ruler appeared as the vassal of the dynasty of Kaanul as well as the ruler of Peru-Waka, the nearby city. However, the two gods represented in alter are different deities, who were not from the local area.

According to Canuto, the victory of Kaanul was not solely due to the battles. Rather, this was due to the years of intense politicking as well as cultural appropriation.

He also stated that the Tikal ruler and his son wanted to exhibit that they had the capability to conjure the gods. He compared the strategy with the principle of setting up franchises.

20 years before the date, the princess of the Kaanul dynasty got married to the ruling family of the La Corona. The princess was initially based in Dzibanche but later shifted to Calakmul.

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