Natural Gas Of Atmos Energy Accused Of Blowing Up Homes In Texas

After returning from his overnight work, Domingo Mendez holds Mateo, his infant son. In the meanwhile, Juliana, his wife, is cooking breakfast for Pablo, their older son. This is where Domingo, Pablo, and Juliana got burned very badly in 2011 after explode in their home due to a gas leak.

They were just like any other normal families, doing their day-to-day activities when their houses exploded. Around 24 homes in all over the North and Central Texas have been exploded since 2006 due to the issue of the natural gas leak, as found during an investigation by The Dallas Morning News. During this 3 people found dead, and around 22 had severe injuries.

All of these explosions occurred with a huge network of pipelines owned and managed by Atmos Energy Corp. It is among the biggest natural gas supplier in the nation, had its headquarters near the Galleria Mall in a gleaming tower on LBJ Freeway. The network of pipes of Atmos runs under the streets and behind the homes in all over the Dallas to Fort Worth, from South of College Station to North of Sherman.

However, it is been difficult to handle the destruction due to explosion owing to the gas leaks, as there is no government agency or any single state that is keeping tracks of natural gas accidents.

The largest division of the company is Atmos Mid-Tex, which has the city of Fort Worth and Dallas has got multiple citations for safety-violations like Center Point in Houston, the other gas-distribution giant in Texas.

However, to these citations, the company said, we take the safety precautions seriously and invested $3B for upgrading the pipeline since 2005. The report of safety violations are just alleged, says by the company, and added that it takes care of any issue cote by the state government, as per the law.

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