The Hacking Of Facebook Puts Other Numerous Sites On Risk

When Facebook Connect was introduced by the CEO of Facebook in 2008, he showcased it like a sort of digital passport to the entire internet. In just a few clicks the user can log in to any other app or site with their Facebook id and password.

The tool was then adopted by a lot of firms range from publishing firms like mom-and-pop to high profile technology-based firms like Uber and Airbnb. Now all these organizations have been accessible to the result of an attack on the Facebook’s network. The company on Friday said the around 50M user’s account entry keys got stole in the 14-year history of the company.

But the impact can be a lot more as the stolen credentials are the access key to many other sites. The business website that provides the customers with a service of logging in using the Facebook Connect is struggling to find out if in case their user accounts are hacked or not.

The hack and its outcome highlight the false claims that Facebook has made and portrayed itself has the identity of the web, and what is the consequence when the security system of one such company fails that has been trusted by many other companies.

A spokeswoman, Justine Sacco, Tinder, and the Match Group, its parent company, in a statement, said that the dating app didn’t found any traces that the accounts have been compromised, depending on the limited data shared by the Facebook. Tinder along with other apps of the Match group depends on the Facebook Connect for sign-in.

Assistance professor, Jason Polakis, Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago, said, “Just the known fact that this will expand the hack on a large scale.”

Ms. Sacco further said that the company will prove more helpful by sharing a specific list of accounts compromised under the hacker attack.

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