Tesla Might Face Charges That It Endangered To Force Out Workers If They Report Injury

A federal judge from San Jose stated that Elon Musk’s Tesla will have to stand for itself in a trial. In this trial, the firm will have to face charges such as it threatened to force out overseas employees at its plant in Fremont if they report an injury at the service. The firm also has to face a charge that it forces the employees to put in too many extra hours at work. This is the violation of the U.S. labor law. Late this week, Lucy Koh, Judge, California Northern District Court, has judged in the case Lesnik vs. Eisenmann SE.

Koh established about five charges against the car maker. Gregor Lesnik, ex-employee, Tesla, is from Slovenia. He had to shift for working at Tesla. In the lawsuit, Lesnik claimed that he was not offered with minimum wages at Tesla. He also added that Tesla endangered to deport overseas workers if they report work-associated injuries. Employees were also threatened about withholding their wages if they called into work sick.

On a similar note, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), the US-based firm, announced this week its foremost full-scale transportation capsule. It uses the recent concept of the Hyperloop, which was made famous by Elon Musk. This capsule was launched at Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. According to the latest reports, the latest capsule will be open for passengers somewhere around 2019.

The latest 32-meter passenger capsule is named as “Quintero One.” It is supposed to be delivered to HyperloopTT’s R&D center at Toulouse, France. The further assembly and integration of the system will be done at this R&D center. The firm stated that this capsule will be employed on one of the foremost commercial tracks after the completion of all the work. Bibop Gresta, Chairman, Co-Founder, HyperloopTT, stated that the latest capsule is scheduled to be completely optimized and ready for passengers in 2019.

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