Tech Cos Under Fire As State Looks To Protect Consumer Rights

Tech Cos Under Fire As State Looks To Protect Consumer RightsJeff Sessions, the US Attorney General had met with a few officials from the state law enforcement to understand the procedure to protect a wide range of consumers as well as businesses from the robust technologies of the most influential companies. This meeting will initiate a new set of rules and regulations that will be primarily based on the tougher scrutiny.

According to the Justice Department, the meeting was targeted to protect the consumers and work on data privacy. Since these two are the areas of consensus, these are considered of high importance.

There are various issues discussed in the meeting, out of which the size and graph of the growth of the tech companies were also brought forward. The procedure in which the tech companies take care of the personal information of the people were also discussed along with the procedure through which the state attorneys general could possibly work in conjugation. The attorneys general are expected to discuss further on the issues like how the federal, as well as the state authority, will move forward to taking care of the concerns.

Karl Racine, the Attorney General of Washington D.C. stated that there are several other general consensuses in the states than the discussed concerns.

This meeting was conducted when the US president Donald Trump along with many other Republicans censored and suppressed the conservative views that are opposite of the politics of Silicon Valley, which is based on the left-leaning system. Among the Republicans, there are companies like Google, owned by Alphabet as well as FB.

The schedule of the meeting was disclosed earlier this month. During the announcement, the Justice Department had revealed that the meeting will discuss the possibilities whether the companies like Google and FB are sabotaging the competition as well as restraining the free exchange of thoughts, intentionally.

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