The Famously Infamous “Goop” Opens Its First Store In London

The Famously Infamous “Goop” Opens Its First Store In LondonThe much talked about lifestyle company which has been started by Gwyneth Paltrow has started the operations of their first store in UK. The owner, Gwyneth is an Oscar award winning actress. The pop-up shop has opened on this Tuesday at Notting Hill located in West part of London. The brand’s online portal has also been launched for the consumers in Europe for the first time in a decade of the company’s inception. The brand, Goop, has faced much criticism from scientists and doctors that the company is involved in pseudo-science practices to sell their products.

The brand was incorporated in the year 2008 in a letter sent to Gwyneth’s friends. The company has made a name for itself in the markets for lifestyle and beauty since then. The total value is amounting to $250m with online store, pop-up shops, website and a magazine too. The company is also known for their wellness programs. The website has articles on travel, fashion, food and beauty. They also market their different health related items in addition to jewelry, make-up, clothing, bags and also sex toys.

Gwyneth is one among the long chart of celebrity personalities who have a business in fashion, health and fitness sectors. Other notable names include 22 days Nutrition by Beyonce and Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba.

Goop has faced the wrath of many scientists and experts who believe that the brand uses alchemy to market their goods. The website selling the goods has already paid $145000 against a lawsuit which was filed to claim that they are selling vaginal eggs on false claims. According to Goop, this egg was equipped to balance menstrual cycles and hormones. The eggs which were made of rose quartz and jade were to be inserted inside the vagina. The company said that they are yet to receive any formal complaint regarding the claims.

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