Support Beam Crack on Transit Terminal Halts Traffic at San Francisco

A transit terminal in San Francisco was shut down when officials found a crack in its support beam.

The transit terminal, also known as the “Grand Central of the West”, which cost almost $2 billion was shut on Tuesday. It took almost 10 years to build the terminal and has been operating for just a month when a flaw was detected on it.

The Salesforce Transit Center has a centralized downtown location. It was expected that about 100,000 passengers would be accommodated every weekday. This meant that it could accommodate 45 million people on an annual basis.

K own as the “Grand Central of the West”, it is funded by stimulus grants from the federal funds, state funds, from district fees, taxes, land sales, bridge tolls, etc.

The crack was discovered by workers as maintenance work was taking place, says Mark Zabaneh, the Executive Director of Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

There was a great deal of chaos after the terminal was shut down to assess if it could be reopened safely. The buses which were using the terminal were rerouted to another transit center which was located about 2 blocks away. In addition, a few streets close by were closed on account of a Salesforce sponsored conference.

The terminal which was expected to cost only $1.6 billion in the year 2010 has however risen up to $2 billion in the year 2016. An analyst calls this “optimistic assumptions”.

The Millennium Tower which is situated adjacent to the transit center has a “sinking condominium”. The tower had sunk down by 18 inches and homeowners near it blamed the construction of the transit center for the sinking of the tower. However, Zabaneh feels that the two are not related.

Structural engineers will be examining the crack on Tuesday night, to check if it would be safe for people to return.

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