Netflix To Invest $1B To Owns Its First Production Hub In New Mexico

Netflix shared that it is planning to have its own very first Studio, to develop a production hub. The company is planning to buy ABQ Studios, Albuquerque, New Mexico, where motion pictures like Sicario and the Avengers and TV shows like Breaking Bad were filmed.

The company is expecting to spend around $1B in production in the studio over a period of next decade, as said in a statement. But is not a big deal, as the drug-cooking high-school protagonist of Breaking Bad, Walter White, dug the barrels packed with capital for ABQ Studios’ location, as per Buried, the episode in 2013 of Easter egg.

The video streaming Goliath has already numerous trapping of conventional Hollywood heavyweight, but possessing a studio was not on the list earlier. The company already had a lease of huge soundstage facility, located just beside the headquarters in Los Angeles, but ABQ is the first-ever production studio the company owns.

Netflix has already recorded some videos in New Mexico, such as Godless and Longmire, the Emmy winner, and its first movie the Ridiculous Six on Adam Sandler (by the end of the spectrum). It has plans to record the upcoming movie named Daybreak, a story based on Apocalypse Drama, a supernatural drama as well.

In a statement said by Netflix on Monday, in which the company said it is in the final phase of negotiation to buy the ABQ. However, the financial terms of the deal, yet not revealed, other than the news that the Albuquerque city and New Mexico are providing $14.5M as a fund to bring in the investment of the company. Netflix expects to create around 1,000 jobs in a year.

Vice President, Ty Warren, physical production, Netflix, said, “Our experience in producing films and shows in New Mexico inspired us for the deal.”

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