Richard Branson Believes That He Will Be In Space In Few Weeks

Richard Branson, a billionaire entrepreneur of British origin believes that Virgin Galactic is very close to its first trip in outer space. He said, “We will have the trip to space within weeks, and not in months. And we will be in space in months and not years,” as told to the Nancy’s Hungerford, CNBC, on Tuesday and Singapore.

He added, “We will be in space along with the individuals.” In the early part of the year, Branson confirmed that Virgin Galactic was in a close-fight race with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, to achieve the first fare-paying passengers in the space.

The serial entrepreneur, who is the owner of the commercial flight space company Virgin Galactic, has funded the space travel industry since 2004 and was primarily considered to have the trip to space himself prior to the April of 2018.

But, with the undergone astronaut, centrifuge and fitness training in the recent weeks, Branson as well believed that he will be ready for his first space voyage in just a few months from now.

At the time of asking whether Branson had any of the issues about the demands of the consumer about the space flights on fare-basis. Branson said to this: “In case I have a room with 10 people, 8 out them would love to have a trip in outer space if they are able to afford it.”

So, according to me the market for the individuals who wish to become the astronaut and trip to space is gigantic, and it is up to us to build any number of spaceships we are able to have to serve the consumer demand.

A ticket to space on the spaceship two of the Virgin Galactic is not that much cheap. At the moment, the fare of the spaceship is around $250K.

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