Google’s Secret Strategy To Regulate The Internet

Leaked Google papers recommend that the tech behemoth needs elevated censorship of the Internet and thinks that other Internet companies must regulate debate online. The 85-page document (leaked by an employee of Google) states that racism, cyber harassment, and people venting their anger are wearing away online free speech. It claims that the capability of posting anonymously has given power to online commenters to state their opinions with abandon and irresponsibly.

Censoring the Internet might make comment sections more civil and safer for everybody, the report claimed. In answer to the leak, Google claimed that the document was not firm policy, although it confessed that the research was something being mulled over by top management. Internet rights lawyers claimed that regulating online debate risks hindering free speech and making an environment in which the opinions of some groups are not endured by big tech companies.

On a similar note, earlier to generate consciousness related to the Internet safety, Google rolled out a public proposal to defend first-time and young web consumers from hijacking of account, defending Android gadgets from malicious applications and protect all their personal information if they lose their gadget.

With a huge base of gullible first time Internet consumers now arriving online via simple access means but short of technical knowledge, consumers are more and more defenseless to abuse and bad actors on the web, the firm claimed to the media in an interview. “Just similar to in the physical world, consumers must take safety measures while roaming around in online world. While safety is built into all of services from Google, keeping the web secure for everybody is a communal responsibility,” claimed Director at Trust and Safety, Sunita Mohanty, to the media in an interview. Google will make this data obtainable on its website motivating consumers to take the initial measures.

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