Tesla Has Built Its 100,000 Model 3 EV

Tesla has just reached a symbolic milestone in the quest of speeding up the production of the Model 3. As per the Electrek source, the company has developed its 100,000th Model 3. The company has technically accomplished the mark in the early part of this week if we consider the engineering and release candidate car as well, as per the tipster, but alongside the regular development of car as well reached the same numbers on October 13.

However, the EV giant Tesla has denied giving any comment on this, although it has just shared the production numbers after every quarter, just as it did on 2nd of October.

As indicated by the same source that Tesla was ultimately developing a 5,000 Model 3S every week consistently following the month of intermittently reaching the volume.

If it is right, it showcases that the EV giant has successfully covered a long way by the time it has just delivered 30 units of vehicles at the end of July in the year 2017. At that time as well, there was as well a lot of things to cover. Customers, however, pre-ordered about 455K Model 3s by the time deliveries started and a lot of people who place down a deposit still don’t receive their EVs.

The deliveries, however, is hard to meet till Tesla can ultimately build a large quantity of Model 3 cars and with this, it can make the $35K entry version with any loss, and that is not going to happen until 2019. Still, it is nothing less than any achievement in the industry where developing EVs at this rate is still a unique concept to target and accomplish.

To meet the target and offer deliveries on time, Tesla earlier has started delivering the EVs to the customer on their own, to achieve the target on time.

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