Astronauts Luckily Escape The Soyuz Rocket While It Was Under Malfunction

According to the reports, some astronauts including a US astronaut and another Russian cosmonaut were actually forced to make the emergency landing, soon after the Russian Soyuz rocket started malfunctioning, while it was going to the International Space Station. This malfunction that happened in the aforementioned spacecraft actually became apparent after 90 seconds into the flight. Soon after the spacecraft took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is located in Kazakhstan, Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague reported this problem with the booster of the rocket.

The astronauts that were on board were forced into the descent and their capsule landed some hundred miles north of the location Baikonur. The astronauts were soon picked up by some of the rescuers. The recovery teams, along with the search teams are said to have finally reached the landing sight of this spacecraft, and they have reported that a couple of crew members are actually in a good condition, and are taken out of the capsules, as per the statement from the American space agency NASA.

On the other hand, Russia has declared that it will now be suspending all the manned flights that are scheduled, till the time the investigation about this particular problem is fully completed, and the results are obtained by the space agency. Soyuz, despite being one of the oldest rocket designs, in the history of rockets, is said to be one of the safest, and this malfunction that occurred during this flight, is also said to be because of staging, where it follows the process of discarding the empty fuel segments of the same. The astronauts got to know soon that something was not right, as they said that they started feeling weightless, rather than being pushed back at their respective seats. Only because the problem was detected early, the astronauts were rescued safely.

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