Research Reveals C-Section Births Alarmingly High Globally

Caesarean babies have become a normal trend worldwide…


Now normal delivery has become one off cases and C- section a normal phenomenon in the world of deliveries. As per a report, within last 15 years, the number of C- section deliveries has doubled. This is an alarming situation according to the researchers.

The study has provided with detailed insights into the pregnancy rates; in the year 2000 approximately 16 million babies which are 12% of the total number of births were caesarean, the rate stands at 21% with 29.7 million babies born caesarean in 2015. This report has been published by a medical journal, known as The Lancet. Out of all the countries, Dominican Republic is the one with the highest caesarean babies (58.1%). Turkey, Brazil and Egypt follow in the line for having the highest number of caesarean babies. The count remains high even though Brazil had implemented a policy in 2015 about using C- section only in case I’d emergencies.

As per the medics, in most of the cases this is an incorrect approach to give birth to a child. WHO, the World Health Organization has also stated that 15% of C- Section babies is an abnormal count. In this study 169 countries were included and the range of years taken into consideration was from 2015 to the recent year for which information was available.

The research also came up with a critical issue. It showcased that this technology is not available in the poor countries even when it is needed while the rich countries are using it even when it is not needed. Researchers have advised doctors, would-be mothers and their family members to allow caesarean operation only when there is no other option. They have also insisted the governments to provide better training and awareness about the implications of c- section.

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