Robot Makes An Appearance In UK’s Parliament

Pepper, who made an appearance at the parliamentary meeting in the United Kingdom, is the first robot to be a part of this type of activity. Pepper delivered a talk on the scope of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education for the MPs. Presently, Pepper is at Middlesex University, where it works with the students there and makes appearances at several gatherings.

Lucy Allen, a Tory MP, jokingly said that the robot Pepper was better than several ministers the house has seen. During the session, the Education Committee was analyzing the effect that Artificial Intelligence and robotics will have on the field on education.

Post the introduction phase, Pepper stated that although robots have a critical part to contribute, there will always be a need for the soft skills, available to only humans, which can be used to derive the best possible value out of technology.

Pepper was asked questions by mainly James Frith, one of the Labor MPs. He ensured to ask the questions in slower manner and loud voice so that Pepper can understand.

Pepper is assisting students on various assignments like lending a helping hand to kids with additional needs to increase their skill with numbers and is assisting and looking after older people. Pepper is also a regular visitor at Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics conventions.

It was the consensus among the humans being asked questions by the committee that there will have to be major modifications in present system of education to be able to stay in sync with the change in technology. The MD of Siemens Digital Factory, Brian Holliday, stated that collaboration between educational institutions and technology companies is the need of the hour.

The Pepper robot is currently there with a few colleges and schools and it costs between £10,000and £12,000.

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