Salmonella Sickens 92 People

92 people get sick after having chicken. The health issue has been caused across 29 states and till now 92 people have been reported to be sick. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention reported that the problem has been caused by Salmonella, which was present in the raw chicken.
On a report published on Wednesday, the agency informed that 21 people are seriously sick. They had to be immediately hospitalized. Though there is no news of death, it is becoming extremely difficult to treat people of this diseased; main reason for the difficulty is Salmonella is resistant to most of the antibiotics which are used to treat this kind of infection. Besides raw chicken, the virus has also been found in live chicken. As per CDC it seems that the virus is widespread in the meat industry. CDC could not identify one supplier whose product could be accused of this infection. Salmonella is generally found in live chicken, in eggs and in other animals as well. As the supplier could not be identified so it has become tough to warn people and keep them away from the poultry products
CDC has suggested that properly cooking the chicken can kill the bacteria. The agency has not advised sellers to stop selling chicken products nor have they asked the public to stop having chicken. They are just asking people to cook the chicken thoroughly to avoid the infection; the chicken should be cooked at least at 165 degrees. People should also wash their hands after cleaning the chicken. In adults Salmonella can cause only lead to stomach upset but children and senior citizens can get seriously sick by this infection. This virus is also leading to urinary infections. CDC has suggested checking whether the antibiotics are getting effective on the patient before prescribing it.

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