Scamsters Loot Million From Dating Site Victims


The online dating frauds have been the new trend in cybercrime. As per the experts, there are thousands of people who have been scammed on the dating site. Not the young but the people who are aged between 45 and 64 have been tricked to make payments. This information has been provided by Barclays. Dating sites have started requesting its users not go by the face value. Barclays informed that people believe their dating partners without knowing much about them. They are just relying on the information provided by the other members on their social accounts, on the job they do or just get taken away by their words.

Jodie Gilbert, who heads digital safety department at Barclays, informed that though dating sites are popular medium for people to find love these are also becoming the breeding ground for cyber criminals. Jodie asked people to become alert when people ask them to send money citing an unfortunate incident at their home. The bank checked further and found that out of the total number of people who had been tricked, 37% have ended up in paying more than 5000 pounds to the frauds. In one such case of a lady who had ended up paying approximately 300,000 pounds thinking that her love needs money for shelter, food and medicine.

Single men are also getting tricked at these dating sites. A lonely 86-year-old man almost went to suicidal point after a lady managed to steal almost 6000 pounds after they met on a dating site.

Experts are advising people to follow safety tips while using dating sites. People should not judge others just by their social profiles or by the information provided by them. Before lending money people should remember that cops may not be able to bring back the money. People should never post sensitive personal or financial information on the dating site.

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