Following A Couple Of Data Breaches, Facebook Plans To Buy A Cybersecurity Company


According to the recent reports, the social media company led by Mark Zuckerberg, named Facebook, is now planning to buy a major firm that basically operates in the field of cybersecurity. This decision is not abruptly taken by the company, but rather is the consequence of a couple of data breaches that were experienced buy the company in the recent past. A few weeks ago, the company had said that it detected one of the biggest data breaches that ever happened in the history, and also added that the effect of the same was faced by as many as 30 million users of the company.

As per the reports, the company is now in talks with some of the major cybersecurity firms and it has not yet finalized the decision. At this point of time, it is not known that which companies were approached by the social media giant, but it is being said that this particular deal will be closed as soon as possible and the people should expect it to be closed by the end of this year itself.

In order to quell the criticism that the company has been facing since the past few days, the company has finally decided to take action against the same issue and it has also formed a special team to look at the targets, when it comes to acquiring the company working in cybersecurity and other relevant technologies.

With the acquisition of the company in a few months, the company is looking forward to avoid such data breaches in the future and it will be taking certain measures to deal with situations like these in a better way with the help of the cybersecurity company. The company was contacted for a comment but no reply has come from the company’s side yet.

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