Google Enters The Clean Energy Race Using The Gigantic Kites


The tech giant Google has lately planned on exploring the renewable energy field for the betterment of human kind. The company has started a new project in the secretive X division where in the giant kites similar to that of the planes will be used to generate renewable electricity. This project is currently all ready to be launched in a few days.

The Makani Power along with the technology dominator has been planning to come up with such an airborne wind turbines since ages. The internet monster is using its R&D facility that is aiming at moonshot idea persuasion to develop something even more energy conserving. The optimistic plan could outdo the heavy expense-related construction resources, laborers, and others wanted for the ground-based wind turbines manufacturing. Hence, after 10 long years the giant kites are ready to take off into the skies for testing. This new project paves way for new job opportunities as well giving the jobless a chance to begin new. The clean energy accessibility for everyone will be made easier and stronger by using the kites that can control the winds more at high altitudes using minimal materials. Though the project has started with 2 kilowatts power generation it has reached 600 kW at present that is enough to light up 300 houses. The kites are estimated to meet up at 100 times more than the world’s energy needs. In short, the project unlocks additional wind resources at an affordable price for the people craving to use clean energy.

A Purdue University team of scientists led by Kenneth Sandhage has recently developed an innovative material and mechanized process so as to help use solar power in a single way in the form of heat energy for generating more electricity even during cloudy days or nighttime. With the continuous development, the technology could help in large scale clean energy production.


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