Google Is All Set To Explore The Most Censorious Country Through Its Search Engine

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has dyed-in-the-wool that there are plans of creating a censored search app for China that serves fine over 99pc of queries. The tech-giant has code-named the app “Project Dragonfly” which will specifically ban the sites blocked by the ruling communist party in the country. The sites BBC News, Wikipedia along with the terms democracy, human rights, and more have been already blocked in China.

The controversial project has currently been taken up by the company so as to explore the Asian country consisting of around 772 Million Internet users. The search technology is at present facing a lot of queries regarding its appearance and functionality in China as a result of the stringent laws there. According to Google’s boss, the technology influencer can serve well in China and also provide more than expected services to the Internet-savvy crowd. The company is planning to stand up to its rival Baidu and prove its search engine’s reliability. Baidu is currently entangled in a case where many students have lost their lives to cancer after referring to the experimental medication online. The Chinese companies are now strict on what to advertise or not. As the damage has already been done, Google wants to make use of this opportunity to explore China. Google has always taken care of the company’s rules, user privacy, freedom of expression, and also specific countries norms despite Google products being made in foreign countries. The idea of entering China market is chilling and something that is not accepted by many as Google believes in freedom rather than snatching it away from people. Google’s plan to bend in front of the world’s censorious administration is alarming and a wakeup call for everyone in this digital age.

Google has at the moment developed an AI named Lymph Node Assistant (LYNA) in order to help detect secondary cancer with 99pc accuracy and break away from time-intensive and complicated assignments for pathologists.

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