DVD Players To Go Off the Shelf At John Lewis Chain Store

Popular electronics chain stores John Lewis has announced that they will not replace DVD players in their stores once the existing stock is sold out. This is largely due to diminishing sales of the once popular DVD player which was found below every television. In recent years the sales of DVD players has fallen by 40 percent as people prefer to watch shows and movies on streaming video platforms like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. But John Lewis has stated that it will continue to sell Blu-Ray players that can be used to play standard format DVDs.

While talking about its most popular products, the chain stated that now people prefer 55 inch televisions to 36 inch ones that were popular 8 years ago. It said that during the recent World Cup the highest sales were witnessed in 70 inch television category. Its other popular gadgets were smart doorbells linked to Wi-Fi and smartphones followed by robotic lawnmowers. The sales of these products have grown by 367 percent and 75 percent when compared with last year’s sales figures. According to Gill Hind of Enders Analysis, the decision of John Lewis to stop selling DVD players is aimed to offer its customers with the latest electronic products.

In recent years the DVD Players have become so cheap that it is available for £ 20 at some supermarkets.  The lower range Blu-ray models available in John Lewis stores are costing between £ 79 and £ 449 for a high end model. Higher end models have feature for recording TV Programs. Chains like Argos will keep selling DVD players but the profits are now considerably low for large retailers like John Lewis that caters to high end products. Though streaming content accounts for 40% or more of £ 2.7 billion video market. Popular titles like Dunkirk and Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” have sold between 640000 to 150, 00, 000 copies in both physical and digital formats.

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