Human Horse Blinders Can Now Stop Open Office Workers From Getting Distracted

The current invention by the tech-giant Panasonic is something out of the box as nobody would ever think of developing a device for concentration enhancement. The new product is like as though we are living in a dystopian nightmare speculative fiction that we were warned about.

Panasonic’s designing studio named “Future Life Factory” has come with an innovative technology for the workaholics. As per the creator and designer Kunihiko Morinaga, the “Wear Space” is similar to that of the old-fashioned horse blinders which were traditionally used to let the animal stick its eyes only on to the road and avoid distractions. The current blinders are a boon for the people working in open plan offices. This psychological personal space is a wearable contrivance designed to help concentrate by restraining the sense of hearing and sighting by means of noise-canceling technology plus a separation in order to manage the plan of minimizing the field view.

The escalating concept of open offices or digital itinerants is urging the workers to find an area for personal space so as to aid in focusing more on their work. The Wear Space is like personal clothing that one can wear as per the surrounding requirements. There is also a provision of adjusting the level of concentration as per one’s needs. The Wear Space is currently flattering the Japanese market and is all set to hit the countries across the globe. The Center for Neuroscience at the University of California has created a theta brain wave activity enhancing device that can help boost memory. The lead researcher Charan Ranganath has theta wave entrainment device used electrical stimulation to excite the neurons and enhance the memory performance in return. The idea of enhancing the brain waves activity using various devices is normally associated with the neuron signaling escalation that portrays the overall brain activity.

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