Scientists Call For The need To Suck Up CO2 From Air

The world needs emergency help to solve the changing climate conditions as we get entrapped in harmful gases.

According to the report of National Academy of Science and Technology, the climate condition is worsening by the day. In future, the world would need to remove around 10bn metric tons of CO2, which is double of what US emits every year.

According to the report last year around 37 bn metric tons of CO2 has been released in the atmosphere. Chairperson of Princeton University and Biologist, Steve Pacala said that it is about time that we remove the trapped gases from the atmosphere. If we remove these gases we can easily tackle the changing environment.

Thinking differently can make all the difference, he said in an interview. He also said that the intensity of our problems would be lower if we start thinking about the current situation.

However, another study gives a more optimistic view of the situation and also gives operational advice to the problems. The 370 page long report said that it the right time to invest in the technologies and methods by which heat-trapping gasses can be removed. Different human activities like burning coal and petrol should be stopped. The report also outlined few futuristic tips such as: planting more trees and proper management of forest. It also stated that there should be a limit on the land that can be used by people. More trees would mean that more carbon dioxide would be sucked out of air. Another step would be to start conserving the soil, so that they can store more and more carbon dioxide. Also, conservation of coastal plants like marshlands and sea grass bed should be done. Direct air capture technology should be used, in which giant fans are used to pull out the air and different chemical reaction is used to suck off the carbon dioxide.

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