Skull And Crossbones Shaped Stars Cluster Revolving In The Galaxy

Stop everyone! There is something in the space which is staring at the Earth. It is a cluster of baby stars arranged in a shape of nightmare human skeleton. The European Southern Observatory captured few images of the cluster resembling the human skull. However, the stars are revolving in the universe at different velocities; so the skull arrangement of the cluster remained for short time.

This cluster of baby stars at a star-forming region named as NGC 2467 is now popular with the name of Skull and Crossbones Nebula. The Nebula is a churning cloud in the space that consists of various gases such as helium, hydrogen, and other ionized gases; dust; and several clusters of young stars have been moving around from maximum 1 or 2 million years. The ESO announced the region as an active solar nursery that may lead to the formation of new stars.

ESO has been working over its Cosmic Gems program, as a part of which it captured these images with the help of huge telescope “FORS2” that is available in Chile. The telescope can cover a broad area of skies while capturing images. The instrument has already captured many remarkable views such as spiral galaxy NGC 1232 and Crab Nebula.

ESO also captured the image of a similar arrangement of NGC 2467 in the year 2005, which shows the threatening skull structure of the Nebula with better vision.

The Nebula’s Skull and Crossbones arrangement was visible in a relatively huge group of stars in the southern skies known as Puppis, was once a part of the larger constellation. The whole constellation seemed as pirates in the ocean. The whole scenario is based on the theme of the sea. The Nebula skull visible is close to the Perseus Arm of the huge galaxy Milky Way that is located light years away from the Earth.

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