AT&T is First To Complete 5G Connection

Telecom major AT &T has announced that it has finally completed the “world’s first millimeter wave” or established the world’s first 5G connection across a live network. While several other telecom companies made such claims in the past none have actually started offering it to customers commercially. Mobile network users have been eagerly waiting for this technology which is likely to take wireless communication technology to the next level. AT&T has used a NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile hotspot during its test instead of a standard 5G smartphone. Gamers are hoping that this technology can bring in smart devices while tech scientists are hoping that it could make autonomous cars and smart cities a reality.

The AT & T test was done in Waco, Texas that the firm had previously announced as among the first cities likely to have its 5G services. The firm has announced names of several US cities like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Oklahoma, Raleigh and San Antonio along with 19 other cities which will receive 5G networks by early 2019. While AT &T is focusing on providing 5G networks on the move, its closest rival Verizon is focusing on introducing another 5G service called “fixed wireless” that will work like a home broadband system.

As there is plenty of competition around the technology, David Christopher, president of AT &T Mobility and Entertainment division called the achievement a seminal moment in advancement of mobile 5G technology? This technology is likely to bring blazing fast internet networks that will make game changing advancements in everything be it remote surgery or self-driving cars. One Plus’s founder Carl Pei stated that his firm will be among the first in the world to offer 5G ready handsets to buyers in 2019 as it is rumored that it has tied up with network provider T-Mobile for technology transfer. Recently two other large brands phonemaker LG and network provider Sprint have announced plans to partner for the launch of Sprint5G mobile phones during first half of 2019.

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