Research Indicates Rising Incidence Of Hate Crimes Against Jews On Insta, Twitter

Researchers of social media platforms have said that they are witnessing a growing trend of hatred against Jewish community that is visible in anti-Semitic posts by far-right users of social media like Instagram and Twitter that shows that these services are not enough to curb these hate-mongers. Separate group of researchers working on specifically Instagram and Twitter said that attacks on Jewish people is spiking ahead of mid-term elections in November like the rise in anti-Semitic rants and online harassment before the presidential elections in 2016. Surprising most of the posts were aimed at billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros.

Research Indicates Rising Incidence Of Hate Crimes Against Jews On Insta, Twitter

Researchers say that Soros has been the hapless subject of weird conspiracy theories and his house was targeted by several bomb attacks this month. According to Jonathan Albright, from Columbia University that the amount of anti-Semitic material posted on Instagram and hate mail directed at Soros was the worst that he had seen at the site. Among the posts for “# Soros” on Instagram included a photo of “Soros” with caption of “I am the devil” along with a cartoon suggesting that he and other targets of explosive devices were themselves responsible for the bombs directed at them.

These conspiracy theories floated before the arrest of a Florida based man who was actually responsible for sending the bombs. Some of Soros photos tagged on social network Instagram included explicit calls for violence against Jewish community as one of them had a caption “Life is about stabbing a Jew”. Albright has recommended that Instagram deactivate all hashtags associated with Soros and remove fake accounts that spew hate against while stop auto automatic filling its search bar with suggestive words like “sorosjew”. Instagram prohibits hate speech and content that targets individuals with the intention to degrade and shame them as it is governed by rules laid down by Facebook. Anti-Defamation League has also reported about increase in number of online attacks on Jews based on interviews with five prominent Jewish Americans.


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