Research Reveals Link Between Weight And Life Expectancy

It is a known fact that being overweight or underweight is harmful to your health. Now, a study has proven that the scenario may cost 4 years off your lifespan.

A study was conducted among 2 million people, who had registered under the doctors in the UK. The conditions of the health of these people were scrutinized that revealed that the ones who are above 40 years and fall in the higher end of the Body Mass Index or BMI have a lower risk of dying from diseases. Some of the reasons for death are cancer, respiratory ailments, and cardiovascular diseases apart from transport-based accidents. On the other hand, the people who are either at the top or bottom of the BMI have a shorter life expectancy.

Research Reveals Link Between Weight And Life Expectancy

Most of the doctors calculate the BMI of a person to segregate him or her into the various categories like underweight, normal, overweight, and obese. The healthy BMI score ranges between 18.5 and 25.

The published study stated that the life expectancy of the obese men is 4.2 years shorter than the ones with normal BMI while that of the obese women is 3.5 years. However, the researchers have also stated not everyone from the lower BMI category is on a safer side. Dr. Krishnan Bhaskaran, the report author mentioned that most of the deaths occurred as the BMI units were either above or below the optimal level.

If a person has BMI lower than 21, he or she is projected to a higher risk of death while the same goes for the people with the higher BMI.

Some of the health practitioners doubt whether the determination of BMI is an accurate way to know the picture of health. However, Dr. Katarina Kos, senior lecturer in Diabetes and Obesity, believes that this is a flawless process.

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