Research Reveals Students Lose Dexterity To Sew Patients

Professor Roger Kneebone of surgical education at Imperial College London stated that youngsters now spend so much time before their screens that they have lost ability to use their hands deftly as they have little experience with craft skills and generally struggle with practical activities. He warned medical students that high academic grades are good but learning to sew and cut patients the right way is also an important part of medical education. He lamented that his concern was shared by his medical fraternity colleagues who agreed that while earlier it was acceptable to expected medical students to carry out certain practical duties like cutting and sewing cleanly towards the end of their education that cannot be expected from present students.

Research Reveals Students Lose Dexterity To Sew Patients

As a surgery professor to medical students he says that youngsters of the present generation have to be given inclusive education that includes academics along with practical and creative activities in which they can learn to use their brains and hands in synchronized way. He stated that in the past decade he noticed students losing their manual dexterity of using hands in a deft manner while handling surgeries. Craftsmanship is an essential part of medical education along with academic knowledge and surgeons need both dexterity and skill.

He said that the current trend of smart screens younger generation is reduced to using their fingers for just swing screens that takes away their experience of handling actual materials and developing physical skills. Children nowadays rarely engage in creating objects with their hands like woodwork, stitching, cutting fabric, measuring ingredients or repairing broken toys and instruments that have affected their ability to use hands. According to CEO Alice Barnard of educational charity Edge Foundation, government pays lip service when asked to focus on creative subjects along with academics and school performance matrix also insists on academic performance over extracurricular skills. According to a recent report entries for creative subjects have fallen by 20 % since 2010 while there has been 57 % fall in design and technology.

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