AI Bot Skilled To Distinguish Galaxies

Scientists have taught an AI program (that used to recognize faces on Facebook) to verify galaxies in space. The outcome is an AI bot dubbed as ClaRAN that scans pictures snapped by radio telescopes. Its task is to locate radio galaxies. These galaxies release powerful radio jets at their centers from supermassive black holes.


ClaRAN is the idea of astronomer Dr Ivy Wong and big data specialist Dr Chen Wu, both from The University of Western Australia, which is part of the ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research). Dr Wong claimed that black holes are discovered at the center of most galaxies. “These huge black holes irregularly release jets that can be seen using a radio telescope,” she claimed. “Eventually, the jets can extend a long way from their original galaxies, making it hard for normal computer programs to understand where the galaxy is located,” she added.

On a related note, earlier SpaceX rolled out AI robot for station team. A SpaceX aircraft that flew with a NASA satellite yelled back into action earlier. The shuttle launched the first orbiting robot with station supplies and AI. The Falcon rocket transported almost 6,000 Pounds (almost 2,700 Kilograms) of cargo comprising the genetically identical mice, spherical AI bot named Cimon, and super-caffeinated coffee for the International Space Station’s crew.

The shipment was bundled into a Dragon capsule, which was also recycled. It was a specifically gorgeous launch, amusing viewer as the rocket plume extended in the apparent night sky similar to a huge circle of light under a gleaming Mars and almost-full moon.

Jessica Jensen from SpaceX defined the high-altitude trail, glowing in the dark sky, as the jellyfish of the space that is chasing down us. “I was going to describe it as breathtaking, but perhaps awakening may be a better term,” claimed Kirk Shireman, space station program manager at NASA, to the media in an interview.


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