Scientists Plan Test Tube Tree To Prevent Extinction

The scientists witnessed a miracle in the laboratory this week. They are trying to artificially develop seeds and twigs of trees to prevent the world from extinction. As a start, the scientists of the fertility lab sowed an oak seed in a test tube. This preservation of seeds has become an important part of science and experimentation because the number of plants on earth is lessening. At present almost 1 plant in 5 is on the verge of extinction. According to Dr John Dickie, who is presently working at the Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank informed that this process is almost like an insurance policy for the wildlife and environment which is in danger. He also feels that is an economical option to safeguard the environment. the scientists are also planning to stock the seeds in flood- proof, radiation- proof and bomb- proof vaults. This kind of preservation is necessary when there are extreme natural calamities or wars.

The scientists have kept a target of storing 75% of rare or endangered species of plants. They have also decided to complete the preservation process by 2020. As per the Natural Plants journal published, 36% of the plants on earth are on the verge of extinction; out of these, 33% are trees and 10% are medicinal plants.

Though the process seems quite helpful still it is not a full proof process. One of the primary challenges encountered in this process is all seeds cannot be stored in the traditional or conventional way. as per the researchers, all seeds cannot be dried and refrigerated. This information has been provided by Daniel Ballesteros, who works at the Millennium Seed Bank. The seeds of chestnut and oak will die if these are dried and stored. Scientists are trying to use the crypto preservation process to store avocado, coffee and chocolate seeds.

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