Scientists Renew Their Efforts To Discover Ancient Life On Mars

Some rocket scientists have informed NASA that the new rover which is being sent to Mars will surely help to discover life which existed on the planet. The space scientists have thrown a new challenge towards the NASA engineers. They have informed that the new mission which the agency is starting in order to find life on the planet is more dependent on technology. They have asked NASA to make the rover strong and efficient enough to find traces of ancient life on the planet; this new rover is going to be seen on the planet in 2020. For this, the rover should have the capability to visit multiple places; the more places it visits, the more are the chances of finding traces of old life.

The next step which will be taken after the rover discovers the traces (which will be normally fossils on the surface of rocks) is to convert these into caches. The rover is supposed to collect the samples into test tubes. Then these will be later returned to the earth in the Sample Return mission of NASA. This future mission is expected cost almost $10 billion.

But NASA will get funds to carry on the mega Sample Mission only if the rover is able to find out enough samples or fossils on the Red Planet. Bethany Ehlmann, who is a planetary scientist at California Institute of Technology informed that if NASA is going to launch the rover, it must be efficient enough to collect samples which will last for numerous years. Matthew Golombek, another scientist infor4med that at present there is very less chance of life to exist on Mars. It is devoid of liquid water, has very less amount of atmosphere and has high temperature and radiation.

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