Fertility Rates Decline Globally—Research

Researchers informed that worldwide, the fertility rate has decreased, which means more and more mothers are resorting to have less children these days. According to the report, almost half of the countries around the world are now finding it difficult to maintain a balance in the population for this reason. This is just not a big surprise for the nations but also can have some major impact as this means, there will be more grandparents than grandchildren.

The study has been done at Lancet and took data from 1950 to 2017. While in 1950, women had 4.7 children on an average, in 2017 the count has reduced to 2.4 children. There has been huge variations in the fertility rates across all countries. For instance, while in Nigeria the fertility rate is 7.1, in Cyprus, most of the women are having just one child. This rate is 1.7 at United Kingdom and at most of the Western European countries.

The fertility rate is calculated as the average number of children a women gives birth by the total number of years they live. It will be an alarming situation if the fertility rate falls below 2.1. This is known as the baby bust and the rate is higher in countries which have a higher mortality rate. The first year of the study, that is, 1950, none of the countries were in the baby bust list.

According to Christopher Murray, who is the director of the Institute of Health Metrics & Evaluation department of the University of Washington, 50% of the countries have fertility rate below the level of replacement and if nothing is done in this regards, the overall population rate will fall in these countries.

If seen from an economic point of view, the culturally developed nations like South Korea, Europe, United States and Australia have less fertility rate.

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