China Likely To Make Space History By Exploring New Moon Terrain

Now it’s China’s turn to explore the space. Its spacecraft is going to be launched at the far end of the moon. The spacecraft will be launched in December, 2018. The country will launch another spacecraft in 2019. This spaceship is supposed to bring back lunar rocks to earth. This was last done in 1976.

China has named these explorations after its moon goddess, Chang’e. India, Israel and Germany are also planning for lunar expeditions in 2019. The countries will be using robotics for these explorations on the moon. Surprisingly, privately owned companies in Israel and Germany have shown interest in this kind of space- experiment. United States have other plans; the nation has decided to send astronauts on the orbits of the moon in 2023 while they will be landing on the moon-land in the latter half of 2020. The moon is still mysterious to the astronauts. It is the only natural satellite for earth. Scientists are still clueless about its creation. They also assume that the moon has several hidden facts about the formation of the solar system. For this reason, they are looking forward to collect new rock samples from the moon. His latest publication, Journal of Geophysical Research, informs the sites on the moon, which will be explored by the Chinese astronauts.

These regions will be the places where China didn’t land before. The main attraction of this expedition is a space created by a natural event. Known as the Pole- Aitken, this is the largest and the deepest one. It is faced away from earth. The basin is 2500 kms in width and is 8.2 kms in depth. Scientists are also inquisitive to know the content of the lunar mantle. While some speculate it is dry, according to others, it is made with molten rocks. Chang’e-4 might not provide solutions to these questions but will surely pave the path to future observations right from the laboratory.

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