FCC To Begin Its First Ever Auction For High-Band 5G

The FCC has recently made a crucial move to put a hold on several hypes around 5G. The regulator began its very first selling for high-band 5G spectrum, offering network carriers a break at the frequencies that are capable of giving the speed in gigabits. The primary sale will hand-over the rights of the 28GHz network band of 2 blocks of 425MHz available in a specified county.

After it, the following auction for the band of 24GHz of 7 blocks of 100MHz, will begin once the bidding for 28GHz reached to its closure. People and Business can expect for the auctions of 37, 39 and 47 GHz band in next year.

Network carriers do not require this frequency spectrum for 5G of which the first ever rollout is about to happen, and people, however, might not see the outcomes of these auctions until sometime. As soon as the bidding will come to an end, the bidders still need to release updated networks that are capable of using new frequencies along with the phones and other devices that are capable of using those frequencies. This is more likely a wave of what is going to come in the next few years than just an immediate expansion.

There is as well a doubt of just who will take a lead of the auctions. Major network carriers looking forward to getting the most of these bidding round just as they have a lot of capital to invest in. Smaller network carrier providers may win is several limited winnings. Whether we like it or not, the auction might strong the competition, rather than shaking it up.

There are a lot more things that still are unrevealed, but one thing is for sure that this auction of spectrum is definitely a move towards providing ultra-high network speed.

Rhys Burke

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