Alphabet Is Shifting DeepMind Under Google For Better Performance

Alphabet, the parent company of Google is making some movement in its companies as it is more focused on organizing the health projects in a better manner that are in present condition in spread among its subsidiaries.

So keeping this in though, the health unit of DeepMind will move under the roof of Google and will be a part of the recently started Google health initiative of the company. To be precise, the Stream App of DeepMind, which the physicians based in the United Kingdom have used so far as a help in treating their patients, is shifting to Google, and the health team of search engine giant is looking for the expansion of the app.

Google recently called in David Feinberg to direct the newly formed Google health team, with an aim of managing the efforts of Alphabet in the healthcare industry and improving collaboration among its various subsidiaries.

In a blog post, DeepMind said about the move, “This is going to be a major milestone for us as well.” Among many one peculiar reasons to be the part of Google in 2014 was the chance to utilize the scale of the Google and its experience in developing billion-user apps to bring the exposure to our product to a wider audience in a quick manner. DeepMind added Google is now going to start working to assist make the vision of ours’ of offering Streams to doctors and nurses all over the world.

DeepMind has used the capability of AI in several medical challenged. In addition to Streams, the company has created tools that can help in finding eye ailments as accurate as humans and the system that is capable of assisting medical practitioners to plan radiotherapy treatment for cancer in a quicker manner. And DeepMind has made a point that this is not the end of innovation in the healthcare industry.

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