Study Reveals Low Carb Diets Best For Losing Weight

A new research shows that a diet with low carbohydrate content can help in reducing weight. The study, being led by Dr. Ludwig, was conducted on 164 obese or overweight patients and was published in BMJ on Wednesday. The subjects of the study were put on low, medium and high-carbohydrate diets for a span of 20weeks after their weights were brought down by 12% and kept stabilized there. The three different types of diets contained 60% carbs along with 20% fat and protein, 40% carbs and fat with 20% protein, and 20% carbs and protein with 60% fat. The chief investigator said that people on a low-carb diet burned almost 250calories per day which is greater than what people on high-carb diets burned in spite of everyone being of the same weight.

This impacted metabolism rates greatly. For maintaining the baseline weight, calorie intake of everyone was kept under control and it was increased or decreased depending on losing or gaining of weight. This study aims to look at the direct effects that diets have on metabolism of people dealing with weight issues. Ludwig said that instead of controlling calorie intake, putting restrictions on carbohydrate intake should be focused on as all calories react differently to a human body as far as metabolism is concerned. He adds that being on a low-carb diet continuously can reduce one’s weight by 20pounds within a few years and so the calorie intake intervention is necessary.

Prof Naveed Sattar however, believes that the results of this study have been interpreted in the wrong way. He said that the group of people on low-carb diets took more food in order to maintain the baseline weight and hence, according to him, weight loss routines are similar as long as one sticks to the correct diet. It is, as Sattar said, independent of low or high-carb diets and so the overwhelming evidence fails to convince him to believe that low-carb diets can actually aid in losing weight.

Other things pointed out by experts include the information that every participant had same basic metabolic rate and hence the differences could be explained by the unmeasured activities in addition to high saturated fat levels in low-carb diets probably increasing risks of heart diseases and cholesterol.

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